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About Twins And Multiples

By committing to certain Montessori methods, parents of twins and multiples can avoid doubling (or tripling) their work. Experience shows that children raised the Montessori way exhibits more agreeable behaviour and make their parents’ lives easier in the process.

For example, from the Montessori perspective, the traditional way of putting babies to bed (confining them to conventional cribs and then expecting them to peacefully fall asleep) fails to acknowledge basic infant behaviour. Ineffective for one baby, it’s ever more ineffective for two or more.

Instead, when parents go the Montessori way, they give their babies large safe places to sleep and play, so they can occupy themselves rather than crying out for attention. What’s gained for the child: Freedom. Independence. Playfulness. What’s gained for the parents: Sanity. Comfort. Ease.

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