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Client Testimonials

“Both my husband and I have benefited so much from Stephanie’s training courses. Mainly, it has helped us view our babies in a positive light and given us the tools to meet their needs. Knowing how to help your child meet their developmental needs, or even understanding their mindset… it has saved us so much frustration, also taken away the guesswork in getting your children the toys and materials they really ‘need’. The course is worth every dollar.” – Grace, mother of 2-year-old boy and 6-month-old girl, from Doha, Qatar

“We hired Stephanie when our son was 2-months-old. I read every book and tried many popular baby training styles on the market, and still we were reaching our limits trying to calm him every day and night. If you are considering working with Stephanie, I have three genuine words for you: her style works. I went back to work when our son turned 4-months-old and am beyond thankful to have a baby who sleeps through the night.” – Wendi, mother of 2-year-old boy, New York, NY

“I tried to implement the Montessori activities from books and blogs shortly after my older child was born. However, it was like a montessori experiment gone wrong and that’s when I sought Stephanie’s help. Not only did she suggest engaging activities for my two kids (age 1 and 3), she’s helped me step back and identify areas in my parenting that may have contributed to my kids’s behaviors. Stephanie has been an absolute pleasure to work with and we joke sometimes that she’s become my therapist as well!” – Shiying, mother of 3-year-old girl and 1-year-old boy, from Austin, TX

“As much as we wanted to be parents, we anticipated parenthood in fear. People said that children came with no instructions, and it felt like we were embarking on an experiment where the outcome was controlled by outside circumstances (e.g. good genes and luck) and some mysterious set of right actions that parents needed to “guess.” In other words, we didn’t know how to be successful, but unlike other similar endeavors we never hesitated to take on in life, this one had a human life at stake, or as it turned out two lives.

Before we adopted our twin girls, we were very fortunate to read Stephanie’s book “Raising Your twins.” The book gave us hope that we could become decent parents and also stay sane. 

Our girls were born at 32-weeks-old and from day one we had our back covered with Stephanie’s coaching. She thought importance of skin-to-skin time, gave us zeal to fight with the hospital when our girls got separated and, believe it or not, based on her guidance we gave a few good tips to very experience nurses in how to bathe babies.

What would’ve happened if we didn’t have Stephanie’s support? We would still survive; we would’ve made tons of mistakes and we would’ve not know that we made them; the whole introduction to parenting would be much harder and more painful for us and the girls. In fact, it would probably be like what many parents around us experienced and warned us about.

The truth is we didn’t want to survive, we wanted to give our children best of what *they* needed and continue enjoy our lives.

We just followed Stephanie’s advice, or to be more accurate the framework she provided for us. Inside the framework we can understand child development and watch for individual needs of our children (and though our girls are twins, they differ quite a bit in their needs.) For example they started sleeping through the night at two months, and by four that was our business as usual. Our home is set up in the way that supports kids environment (and we saved a lot of money not buying traditional baby junk) and we are very prepared for their next milestones.

Most importantly, we don’t have fear now – we know there is art and science to raising kids. Stephanie’s support and Montessori method gives us the science of child development and teaches the art of applying it to an individual child.

Based on right tools, we figured out that that with some additional organization and preparation we could maintain values and style of our life that we had before we became parents. 

We are eternally grateful to Stephanie for making our parenting such a joyful and satisfying experience.” – Misha Rubin, father of 6-month-old twins, New York, NY

“I love working with Stephanie as she is knowledgeable and passionate about this topic and it’s always awesome to have someone  like that in your corner as a parent.  Her class was filled with very useful information and my conversations with her one-on-one helped me understand how to see child’s development in a whole new way.” – Marija, mother of a 8-month-old boy, New York, NY

“Oh my god you are too amazing! I can’t wait to spread the word – Montessori angel in town…HUGELY helpful guidance I really salute you for all your training and background in this. A billion thank yous for everything!” – Charlotte, mother of 2.5-year-old Gilbert and 10-week-old Daisy

“Stephanie has provided us with insight into our daughter’s development. She has helped us create a safe, stimulating, age appropriate atmosphere in our home. Having taken the recommendations that she made, our daughter now plays better by herself, eats more independently and is less dependent on us. The changes we made in our home based on Stephanie’s advice have truly made a difference.” Jamie, Cameron & Nola (7 months)

“I’m very happy that Stephanie has come over to visit us. She has given me very thorough observations about my baby and the way I’m parenting her. She has advised me on various activities and simple development toys we could use for our baby. One of the discoveries she helped me make was that our baby can fell asleep on her own in her own bed instead of us carrying her around, and it was great! I’ve managed to get her to sleep through the night in her own bed and it has started working for her day naps as well. I think it is very, very useful for a first-time mom to invite Stephanie for observation, follow up and discussion. I’m very grateful for her time, advice, as well as follow-ups! This is my first baby!” – Victoria & baby (12 weeks old)

“Hi Stephanie, I finally watched the DVDs. They are honestly the best Montessori for the home resource dvds I have seen. They are very detailed. I love that you cover every area of the home, show activities and also cooking. It is especially great that you kept it real and showed mistakes thus allowing the viewer see how to deal with them. I initially thought it was a bit expensive but wanted to support any resource for parents. After watching it, I have to say it was definitely worth the $100.” – Junnifa, mother of 3-month-old boy

“I have found your blog extremely helpful and I’ve been able to make a lot of positive changes already!! It is amazing how much a 2 year can do when given the opportunity…I only had to adjust my mindset a bit!” – Melissa & twin 24-month boys