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What I fed my 10-month-olds twins on Oct 11, 2011

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011 5:12 pm | By Stephanie Woo

Some days I just don’t know what to feed my kids. Maybe other moms have the same problem so I thought I’d share today’s menu to inspire some new ideas. What was your menu-du-jour? Please share with us in the Comments session!


All organic ingredients: raspberries broken into little pieces, cut-up bananas, yogurt and a couple o’s


Took left-over rice…

cooked in some water to soften the rice…

added some organic chicken soup I made for my husband and me the night before (in the best slow cooker)…

Rice with chicken soup, chicken thigh meat, and 1-inch pieces of steamed organic carrots


Organic sweet potato baked for an hour at 400F. Open and serve.

Picture of the Day

Brooke approves of Mama’s cooking today!

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