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Cutting with a knife and other kitchen activities

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 12:09 pm | By Stephanie Woo

There’s usually something I’m cooking that day the children can help with. Or I will find items they can cut or peel and cook with those. Preparing food gives the child opportunities for concentration, developing fine motor control and you can see in those eager eyes just how much they want to participate in family life.

They get so much joy when they get to explore something new and REAL, like the whole corn – husk and all!

This requires maximum effort! Unlike adults, young children love to feel the full capacity of their bodies

Celery can be seriously hard to cut, but when you arm children with the right gear, it’s no problem

Zucchinis cut easily and can be a great place for your toddler to start practicing using a knife

M helps peel a baked purple sweet potato for us at the family table – absolutely delicious!A child can start using a knife as soon as they have the motor skills to do so, but don’t let your apprehension get in the way of letting him/her try. It’s not so different from teaching them to use a pair of scissors (watch the video here). The right presentation goes a long way. Make sure YOU are always holding the handle with both hands when presenting this to the child, because they will do it the way you do it.

The right material is key for your toddler, make sure you consider the size, weight and feel of each item before purchasing it. Here’s where I bought mine:

Knife: Joie makes the best cutter/knife I’ve found for toddlers. The size of the handle is perfect for their little hands. As long as they are holding the handle and cutting with both hands, it’s difficult for them to cut themselves but of course, an adult should be supervising at all times. You can buy it at Bed Bath and Beyond or here:

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